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Tropical Beach Mini Diapers Baby Shower Centerpieces

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These mini diapers are sold out but we have similar ones for you!


Planning a baby shower takes time but we can help you with the centerpieces. This tropical beach centerpieces includes five mini diaper cakes.

Each mini diaper cake are approximately 7 ½” – 8 ½” tall and includes seven diapers size 1 which means that you or the new parents will receive a total of 35 diapers!

In addition to the diapers, each mini diaper cake has a cute wood cutout at the top, colorful ribbons around it and a bow in the front. 

Unfortunately, many traditional baby shower centerpieces need to be thrown in the trash after the baby shower event since they are for decorative purposes only.

This tropical baby shower centerpieces can first be used as part of the baby shower decoration. After the event, the diapers included can still be used and the wood cutouts can be added to the baby's nursery decoration. It's definitely a win-win situation!

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